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About Merabec Market

We offer fresh, healthy, and great tasting food, without added colors, flavors, or preservatives, just  fresh ingredients and their natural, pure flavors. Every decision we make at Merabec Market starts with an understanding of where our ingredients originated and how they got to our door step. We use only fresh ingredients from farms and local gardens, and spend a lot of time on precisely sourcing our ingredients. All of our ingredients are free of GMOs, trans fats, artificial colors, sweeteners, and other artificial additives. Our chicken, beef, and pork are pasture raised, and never given antibiotics or hormones. 

We proudly support the "Whole Animal Program"

Organic Home Garden
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Whole Animal Program

The Whole Animal Program is committed to using the entire animal,with little to no waste, both for environmental and moral reasons. Merabec Market is directly supporting the WAP by utilizing cuts such as pork shoulder and stew beef. This partnership with local suppliers like Hudson Valley Harvest not only supports local farming, but also helps ensure less waste in the food system.

Organic Grains

Our signature blend of organic quinoa & organic brown rice provides a healthy complex protein that your body craves.

Clean & Nutritious 

Aside from only using non-GMO fresh produce, we use healthy oils and vinagers to season our food rather than lots of sugar and salt.

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